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1. When was Kipling created?

2. What is the philosophy behind the brand?

3. Where are Kipling's headquarters located?

4. Where can I find a store near me that sells Kipling?

5. Where does the name Kipling come from?

6. Why is there a monkey on every bag?

7. How do I get a Kipling catalogue?

8. I would like to sell Kipling. How can I open a Kipling partnership store?

9. Some amazing statistics...

10. How do I clean my Kipling bag?

11. How can I apply for a job with Kipling?


1. How can I contact kipling's customer service?

2. Can I order Kipling monkey clips in your online shop?

3. I cannot remember my password. What should I do?

4. Can I get my order delivered anywhere in the world?

5. Can I get my order delivered to a different delivery address?

6. How can I pay for my order in your online shop?

7. Can I still make changes or cancellations once my order is confirmed?

8. What is the leadtime for delivery?

9. How can I track my shipment?

10. How will I know that you have received my order?

11. How long are Kipling bags guaranteed for?

12. Where can I find the address of a Kipling store nearby?

13. Where can I get my Kipling bag repaired ?

14. What is the delivery charge for my order?

15. What is your return policy?

16. What should I do if the goods arrive damaged?

17. What if I ordered the wrong colour/size?

18. How can I clean my Kipling bag?

19. Where can I see Kipling's catalogue?

20. What is your return policy on promo pack purchases?

21. How can I get information on Kipling's shoes or jewellery?