What can I fit into a laptop bag?

Laptop bags will hold everything you need for your workday, including stationery and daily essentials, not to mention your laptop and charger. Made from quality materials with a robust design and generous amount of pockets and compartments, Kipling’s business bags are ideal for your commute.

Our roomy padded laptop compartments are designed to fit either 15- or 17-inch laptops comfortably. You can find out which size is best for your laptop by measuring the distance, in inches, between opposite corners of your laptop.

Laptop bags have additional sections and pockets are big enough to carry your laptop chargers and any other adapters or accessories you might need, too.

Some of our larger backpacks with laptop protection are big enough to hold lunch boxes and even a change of clothes alongside your technology and paperwork. They’re great for a busy day at the office or an impromptu stop at the gym.

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How are Kipling laptop bags so comfortable?

Kipling’s laptop bags are some of the most comfortable you’ll find. With thick straps, convenient carry handles and extra padding, they will keep your laptop safe and secure but will also keep you comfortable while carrying it.

Laptop bags are available in a range of different sizes and come with a range of options for handles and straps. Most bags include adjustable shoulder straps, ensuring you can find a comfortable position for your bag when carrying it on your shoulder or crossbody.

Maybe you don’t want to carry your laptop in a shoulder bag? That’s fine, too. Kipling has a range of convertible bags and backpacks with dedicated laptop protection, so your tech can be protected no matter which style you prefer.

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Is a Kipling laptop bag fit for business travel?

Kipling’s are some of the best laptop bags for business travel. As practical as they are stylish, our business range features exterior pockets that are ideal for quickly accessing your travel essentials.

Our smart laptop bags also feature generous storage compartments as well as padded, zippered pockets, making them great cabin bags. They’ll keep all your belongings secure, even when stowed in the overhead compartment.

Our larger backpacks with laptop protection are also a great choice for business travellers. Their additional pockets and storage make them perfect for carrying personal travel items alongside your business travel essentials.

Perhaps best of all, some of Kipling’s laptop range comes with dedicated trolley sleeves. These let you hang your laptop bag on your luggage as you make your way through security. All in all, Kipling’s bags are some of the best business laptop bags around.

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How to wash a Kipling laptop bag

If you use it every day, you may wonder how to wash your laptop bag. Just follow these simple steps to keep your bag in top condition.

1. Empty your bag, removing any crumbs or fluff from the inside

2. Brush off any dried in stains with a soft brush

3. Spot clean the fabric with a slightly wet cloth and warm water

4. If there’s a deep stain, hand wash the fabric in cold water with a soft brush, water and neutral soap

5. Let your bag air dry

Never use bleach or heavy-duty detergents when washing your bag. Don’t soak it in water, either. Never tumble dry your bag, as this could cause it to lose its shape.

Don’t use any chemical cleaners, stain removers or hot water to care for your bag, as these can damage the materials.

You may be tempted to wash your bag in the washing machine, but as with every piece of clothing or accessory, make sure you check the instructions carefully first.

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