Prints & Colours

Discover unique prints and colours for the urban adventure

Urban Black Jacquard

A discrete black patterned polyester that's sure to elevate every casual look.

Olive Tree Prt

This warm-toned Mediterranean-inspired print on polyester made with 38% recycled polyester features a dark green trim.

Soft Almond

Nutty and soft twill in an easily combinable almond tone.

Pink Flow Embossed

Soft-toned embossed pink twill to add a little extra texture to your already-elegant look.

Signature Beige

Signature K print in white on beige with metal hardware.

Warm Rose

Back by popular demand, the metallic twill is back in a beautiful, warm rose tone.

Soft Apricot

Opt for this soft, fruity orange tone when in need of a ray of sunshine.

Straw Tan

A soft, cotton-like nylon twill fabric with PU block edges in the warmest of tan tones. Feels like summer!

Admiral Blue

A discrete and timeless navy-blue tone.

Softly Spots

An arty print that will remind you of your watercolour days, with dark grey trim for an elevated look.

Rich Black

Timeless black in a refined twill, you can't go wrong!

Valley Grey Block

Blue-grey, off-white and deep navy colourblock with mustard yellow details.

Botanical Print

Feel wild in this colourful, leafy print on polyester material made with 38% recycled polyester.

Soft Dot Yellow

Optimistic yellow with a square-dot print on crinkled nylon.

Cool Green

Ocean-like tones in classic crinkled nylon with contrast trim in poppy colours that brings out the green.

Green Moss

Iconic crinkle nylon in khaki-green that suits every occassion, outfit or style

Black FL

An elevated PU material, with a soft leather-like feel that is at the same time strong, light, and with an advantageous PU water-repellent coating.

Fern Green Block

Two-tone sage green recycled twill, perfectly paired with black details.

Valley Yellow Block

Colourblock design in deep navy, off-white and canary yellow.

Blue Bleu

Iconic crinkle nylon material in a timeless blue-grayish tone. An essential that will never go out of style!

Blazing Grey

A warm, everyday grey tone that will match every look.

Red Rouge

Go for a ruby-like red to turn your outfit into a bold statement.

Black Noir

Classic and a must-have; the Black Noir is a deep black tone in our iconic crinkle nylon material.


Washed dark denim effect fabric with black trims and metal hardware

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