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Travel bags and luggage

How to pack your travel bag?

Once you know what you're packing, you need to figure out how you’re going to get it all to fit, but there are some handy tips you can use to maximize luggage size and keep your items well organised.

When you start packing, always store your heavy items first (like shoes, thick sweaters and trousers). You should place these in the middle of your bag. Then you can roll lighter items (t-shirts, pyjamas and underwear) and pack these around the sides of your suitcase. Finally, store any formal items like shirts and dresses on the top, to avoid wrinkling.

To save space when packing, wear your bulkiest clothes when travelling. After all that, if you’re still running short on space, unpack any pack books you want to take and download e-books instead!

Make sure to use travel accessories and small bags like pouches, toiletry bags and makeup bags to organise your carry-on luggage, too.

How big are Kipling travel bags?

Kipling’s range of travel bags come in a range of different sizes, from handy cabin bags to functional duffle bags and full-sized suitcases.

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We’ve also categorised our range of cabin luggage by airline carry-on size guidelines, to make sure your cabin bag meets airline regulation. Whatever kind of trip you’re taking, we’ll have the right size of travel bag for you.

What can I fit into a carry on bag?

You should be able to fit everything you need for a short trip into your cabin luggage. Typically you’ll be able to pack 5-7 days worth of clothes, toiletries and travel essentials into a small carry-on bag if you pack everything correctly.

For a week-long trip, you should be able to fit 4-5 t-shirts, 2-3 long sleeve tops or dresses, a sweatshirt or jumper, a light jacket, 3 pairs of trousers/skirts, a pair of pyjamas, and 7 pairs of underwear. You may also be able to fit a second pair of shoes. You should have space left for toiletries and accessories, as well as any necessary tech (like tablets and chargers).

Carry-on size requirements can vary depending on which airline you travel with, so always check your airline’s baggage specifications before you fly. No matter the airline, always make sure to have a TSA lock to ensure your belongings are safe!

What type of bag is best for travel?

However long you’re going away for, the type of travel bag you choose depends on how you like to travel as well as how much you want to take with you. If you’re flying to your destination and don’t want to pay for hold luggage, then you need to choose a carry-on bag with specific dimensions.

You might also want your bag to have particular compartments, like a laptop sleeve or a zip-up pocket, so you can easily access your essentials. You can also give your belongings extra protection by choosing a hard-shell case or a bag with a TSA-approved lock.

If you’re going to be travelling between different destinations, then a four-wheeled suitcase will mean you won’t ruin your suit or travel outfit when moving from place to place. Or, for a more casual look, a duffle bag gives you all the room you need in a handy, durable shoulder bag.

Essentials to pack in your travel bag

When travelling, you want to keep your essential items safe and easily accessible. To help you organise your bits and pieces, there are a few different types of bags you can use so that everything is tidy and secure as you travel:

  • Pack your beauty products, sun cream and medicines into a toiletry bag.
  • Use packing or travel pouches of different size to keep outfit essentials like your shoes, hats or underwear separate and safe.
  • For extra security while you travel, consider investing in a document holder or purse to keep your most precious items together.
  • If you’re planning on flying to your destination, taking a backpack or tote bag with your books, snacks and gadgets on-board will help keep you occupied as you travel.
  • To keep your most important essentials close to you, a crossbody, waist or bum bag is secure, easy to access and lightweight for when you’re on the move.
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