Common Kipling Customer Questions

My Account

How do I change my password
You need to log into your account online using your existing password, pop to the Personal Data section and you will be prompted to put your old and new password in. Click the confirm button when this is done.
Why doesn’t my order show in order history
You need to be a registered Kipling.Me member to be able to view your order history. Maybe you checked out as a guest when you last ordered? As long as you always login to your online Kipling.Me account when placing an order, it will be saved in your order history.
How do I change my email address
You need to be a registered Kipling.Me to be able to edit your contact details. Please log into your account and change the password in the Personal Details section.
I cannot track my order from my account.
Please make sure you use the same email address which you used while placing the order. Please ensure the order number is correct. Alternatively, you can track the order directly on the carriers’ website using the tracking number.
My password does not work.
Please keep in mind, that passwords are case sensitive. When you still have trouble logging in, we suggest you click the ‘Forgot Password’ button to get an automated password. You can change the password again in the Personal Details section of your account.
I cannot log into my account to do my return.
Please check if you created a Kipling Online account when ordering. Maybe you checked out as a guest? Please make sure you are using correct login details. Please bear in mind, that passwords are case sensitive. Should you still struggle to do your return, please contact us to obtain a returns label.


How do I clean my backpack/suitcase
Care instructions for leather bags:

Our leather products have been made with care from genuine high quality leather. The leather texture is naturally generated and will develop a rich patina over time. Any variations in the color and grain are a result of the natural characteristics of the leather. Care should be taken when wearing light colored garments to prevent color transfer (a natural risk with leather). Keep the product dry and avoid contact with damp or wet surfaces. Limit the exposure to direct heat or sunlight. To clean the product, just wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaners to care for the product. Optional care, not essential: with a soft brush, a colorless cream can be applied regularly to leather areas (not for Nubuck leather). The product can be protected by applying a waterproofing agent, following the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

Care instructions for fabric bags:

Clean the outside fabric with a slightly wet cloth. Do not bleach. Do not soak in water. Hang in a shady place. In case of a deep stain, clean the fabric with a cloth or soft brush using water and neutral soap. A universal-use protective spray (i.e. Scotchguard – found in most shoe or handbag departments) may be used to keep the product looking clean. When your fabric bag is combined with leather, avoid moistening the leather when cleaning.
Do you have a monkey named X – Can I order it
Please send us a query using the ‘contact us’ section. We will try to find the monkey for you.
Which monkey comes with the bag X
Please send us a query using the ‘contact us’ section. We will try to find the details of the monkey for you.
My bag came without monkey – I want a replacement.
Please send us a query using the ‘contact us’ section. Please let us know which bag you have and where you bought it.
Why can’t I see the item I want online
Stock varies between stores and online. What you see in store may not be what you see online and vice versa. The Kipling retailers or franchisee and website only stock the latest ranges. The item you are looking for might belong to an order line. Please contact us and we will try to find the item or an alternative for you.
Where can I get an older product from
Please contact us and we will try to locate the item for you. We might be able to suggest an alternative from the current range.

Placing an Order

Why can’t I add the item I want to my basket
Sometimes your PC settings can stop you adding to basket. We recommend updating your browser options or trying to order using a different device or browser.
Why isn’t color X showing on the website
Please contact us, we will try to find the product for you.
I can’t log into my account to place an order.
Please make sure you created a Kipling Online account. Accounts are only ever created if you choose to do so when placing the order. We do offer an option to checkout as a guest, when an account is not being created. Please make sure you are using correct login details. Please bear in mind, that passwords are case sensitive. If you have forgotten the password, you can click the ‘Forgot Password’ button and an automated password will be emailed to you.
Will I need to pay any additional import duties for my order shipping to the UK?
No, you will not need to pay any separate import duties when receiving your order. The purchase price displayed in the checkout is already final and inclusive of any import duty that may apply to your order shipping to the UK.

Payment & Billing

Why has my payment been rejected
We recommend you to contact your bank to check why the payment has been rejected. Please contact us when you have further questions.
I have an error when paying – what should I do
Please contact us to describe the error you are getting. If possible please send us a screenshot of the error message.
I typed in my payment details, clicked submit and did not get an order confirmation page – what shall I do
Please contact us to check the order status.


When will my order be delivered?
Deliveries will be made during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Standard: 5-7 business days
Collection Point: 5-7 business days

During sale periods, orders may take longer to process.
Please refer to our Delivery page for more information.
Who will deliver my parcel?
Standard: Yodel
Collection Point: Collect+
What happens if I am out when the carrier try to deliver?
The driver will attempt your delivery address first in all instances. If you are not at home the driver may also attempt delivery to your nominated safe location.

For a convenient alternative to waiting at home, we also off delivery to a safe, local collection point. You can find your nearest location on Yodel Store locator.

Choose Pick-up Point in the checkout for this delivery method. Pick-up Point deliveries are FREE.
The tracking says that my parcel is returned to sender. What does this mean?
A courier service will return a parcel to us when they are unable to deliver or when you refuse the parcel. Please let us know if you would like us to redeliver the parcel to an alternative address or if you would like us to refund you the money.
What if I need to get in contact with the carrier?
If you are using our Standard home delivery service and you need to contact the carrier you can do it via chat or by calling the driver if your parcel is already out for delivery. Click here to start tracking your order and find carrier's details.


How do I create a return label?
To get a free returns label, please go to our Return Policy and follow the steps to book a return. You will be prompted to generate a returns label to print.
What if the carrier did not or is not able to collect my return?
If for any reason your package is not collected on the day you have booked, you can either choose to drop it off still at one of drop off locations using the label you already have or rebook a new pick up time by cancelling the current request and creating a new return. Check out how to rebook here.
Where can I find the status of my return?
You can track your return, and its status, from the moment it left with the carrier until your get your refund. You can get to the tracking page in three ways:

1. Via email. Once you have handed your return to the carrier you will have received a confirmation email. In this email is a button which you can click to take you to the tracking page.

2. Via Track my Order. At the top of the website you can click "Track my Order". Enter your order number and email address used to place your order with. Once your order is displayed, select "Manage my Returns" button.

3. Via My Account. If you are a registered customer, you can log into your account and click on the order you've returned from and select "Manage my Returns" button.

Found it but want to understand more?
Go to What does the Tracking page and status mean? for more details.

Can I cancel or rebook my return?
Yes, you can change your return method at any time before you hand it to a carrier or drop it off.

You can do this by accessing your order details either via:

1. Track my Returns: At the top of the website you can click "Track my Order". Enter your order number and email address used to place your order with. Once your order is displayed, select "Manage my Returns" button. Or,

2. My Account. If you are a registered customer, you can log into your account and click on the order you've returned from and select "Manage my Returns" button.

For both options:

Once on the returns page, select "Cancel the Return" to cancel the booked return.

Want to rebook? Follow the same steps in How do I return my order?
Please note, if you change the method on the same day of Home pick-up, it may still occur.
What does the Tracking page and status mean?
The Return tracking page provides a lot of helpful information about your return and starts tracking as soon as you hand the item over to the carrier.

What does the page show?
- The date at the top is an estimate of when the return will reach our warehouse.
- The return status is underneath this date. Go to "what does my return status mean?" for more details.
- The "Latest update" section shows the details of the last tracking event; where the package was scanned and the date of scanning. If you click the link "show full history" you will be able to see the tracking events that have already occured since starting the return process.
- The tracking number is the number given by the carrier for your return. The hyperlink will take you to the carrier site.
- You'll also find an overview of the item(s) you are returning.
What should I do if the refund amount is incorrect?
Please note, refund values shown in the return status emails are subject to applied discounts, tax, and shipping costs.

If you think you have received an incorrect refund, please contact us.
What does my return status mean?
Your tracking update will show 1 of 4 possible status. Here are the possible statuses in chronological order:

- Awaiting Carrier pick up/Drop off: The return has been booked online, but not yet given to the carrier. Depending on method chosen, or available in your region, please either wait for the carrier to pick it up or drop off your package to your selected location.
- On its way: your return has been picked up by the carrier and is being transported back to our warehouse.
- Delivered: the return has been received in our warehouse, ready for processing and refund.
- Exception: Please contact Customer Care for more information.
You sent me the wrong bag/color – do I have to return it
Please contact us and we will try to find the best solution for you.
Can I return my order to an Kipling store
Unfortunately not, all online orders need to be returned to our warehouse. We offer free returns on all orders. Please follow the return instructions in our Return Policy.
How do I return my order
Kipling offers a free returns service. Follow the instructions online to print out a returns label and arrange collection or drop the parcel off. The instructions are also on the paperwork that arrived with the order.
How long do I have to return my order
30 days from date of shipment.
How can I get a return label if I can't print it?
If you are unable to print a returns label, please contact us.


My Kipling product has broken, what shall I do
Please visit our Warranty page for more information.


I have just returned my order – when will I be refunded
It will take around 3-5 working days for the parcel to arrive back with us and the return/refund will be done within 1-2 working days. Generally it will take 2 - 3 weeks for the refund to appear on your bank account. Please contact us if you have further questions to your refund status.
I got the email to say that I was refunded, but have not got the actual money in my bank account. What can you do to help
Sometimes it can take up to 7 working days for the money to appear on your account. Please contact your bank or PayPal should you not be able to see the refund. Please contact us is you need further assistance and we will escalate the issue.
I sent my order back weeks ago but still have not had my refund – when will I get my money back
Please contact us with the return tracking number and we will investigate the status of your return.

General Assistance

Can an Kipling store post out a product to me
Unfortunately not, our Kipling stores are not able to take telephone payments or post items out to you.

Customer Experience

I had bad customer service in store.
We value all feedback. We would ask you do send us your feedback using the contact us section. Please describe your experience in store and let us know any relevant details like store name and location, the item you purchased and when you visited the store. We will escalate the issue.

Kipling.Me Questions

Kipling.Me Member card

I lost my Member card. How do I get one back?
In order to get a new Member card, you can go to one of our selected stores to pick one up. In the store your Membercard can be put on inactive to make sure you can use your new card.

You can also contact us to get your old card inactivated. Customer Care can transfer the data from you old Member card to the new one.
Do I need my Membercard everytime when visiting the store or online?
Yes, you need to card to get your smile points on the Member card.
When not having the Kipling Member card with you, you will not receive your smile points.

Smile points

My smile points are not added to my Member card. How do I get them on?
It will take 1 to 2 days to get your smile points on your Member card.
Where can I save & redeem my smile points?
You can save & redeem your points in one of our selected stores as well as online. Smile points are are converted into cheques that can be redeemed in stores & online in combination with your Member card.
I want to know my actual smile points. How can I look them up?
You can find your current smile point status in our weekly Kipling Newsletter or you can download the Kipling.Me APP to have an overview of your points & save even more.

You can also go to the stores and look up your current smile point balance.
How long are my smile points valid
Your Kipling points are valid as of from your first transaction at Kipling. The smile points will stay on your card, when you have done at least 1 purchase within the year. When you haven't bought in our store or online for a year, the smile points will be removed.
How can I save more smile points?
When buying a Kipling Product on or in one of our selected stores, you earn smile points. For every euro/pound spend you receive 10 points. You can also earn points by downloading the Kipling APP & by playing the monkey game on this APP.

Kipling Communication

I do not receive the Happy birthday newsletter. How can I receive it?
First you can double check if you have filled in your birthday on in your profile. Secondly you can have a look in your profile if you have ticked the box 'Yes I want to receive Kipling.Me communication'.
I do not receive my 10 euro voucher. How can I receive it?
First you can double check if you have filled in your e-mail adress correctly. Secondly you can have a look in your profile if you have ticked the box 'Yes I want to receive Kipling.Me communication'.
My account is not working. How do I make sure I get back on My account?
You go to My account via our website.
You can ask for a new password by clicking on 'password forgotten' in the log in screen.
I subscribed but don't receive the newsletter. How can I resubscribe
You can resubscribe via our website. If this doesn't work please contact Customer Care.
I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter. How can I unsubscribe myself?
You can unsubscribe via our website or via a link in the newsletter. The link is placed on the bottom of the newsletter. If this link doesn't work please contact Customer Care.
I want to look up the general conditons of Kipling.Me. Where can I find them
You can find the general conditions on the website with all the Kipling.Me Program information.

Kipling.Me APP

How can I download the APP?
You can find our Kipling.Me mobile APP in the Google Play Store for Android devices or in the App Store for Apple devices.
I can't login on the APP on the Start Screen. How can I login?
  1. 1. Are you already a Kipling.Me member?
    First you have to connect your member card to the APP. Click "Connect your excisting membercard now" & fill in your email address & member card number. It's a 13 digit number which you can find on your card itself or in one of the mails you've received from Kipling.
  2. 2. Aren't you a Kipling.Me member yet?
    Since this is an APP only for our loyal members, you'll have to register first. You can do this by clicking "Register Now", fill in the form & discover all the benefits of being a Kipling.Me.
  3. 3. Did you already logged into the APP before?
    Than you can just easily log in by giving in your email address & your password.
The "Forgot your password?" is not working. What do I need to do?
If the popup message says "Unknown email address" this means that you don't have a mobile APP login. So first you'll have to connect your membercard to the app or register first. See I can't login on the APP on the Start Screen. How can I login?
The App is in a different language. How can I change it?
When you first open the APP, it might be that it loads in in a different language. If this doesn't change afther a few minutes (while having a internet connection), you'll have to change the settings. You can do this by going to the menu on the left top corner, Go to the second item in the menu (which is "My account") and click on the third option within this page (Personal Details). Here you can change the Country/Language to yours.
I want to play the Monkey Game. How can I catch a monkey?
First you go to the Monkey Game, here you can choose between "Scan me" or "Catch me". If you want to scan a monkey from a Kipling Communicatin, you can click the first. But if you want to catch the monkeys around you, you click "Catch me". This opens your camera, look around you & hopefully a Monkey pops up. If you see one, just tap the monkey to catch it. If there isn't a monkey around you can always take a look to the map to see where they might be hiding.
I can't scan the monkey. How does it work?
You might see a scannable monkey on one of our Kipling Communications, online, on a poster, in store or maybe on social media. These are the monkey that you need to scan by clicking the first option in the game, "Scan me". This opens your camera, bring the monkey within your vizir & click the "scan me" button. Normally the monkey should start moving. If it doens't move, try waving your hand in front of your camera to make it focus on the monkey. Once the monkey starts moving, you can tap the monkey itself to add it to your monkey collection.
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