If you have made your purchase online at Kipling.com and would like to return a faulty product, go to the returns page otherwise, please follow the following procedure.

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How long are Kipling products covered by warranty?

Kipling offers a legal warranty term on all regular products (bags and luggage) from date of purchase.

What's covered by our warranty? What's not?

Kipling guarantees its products against possible defects in materials and workmanship. During the warranty period, we will repair or replace your bag ( with an equivalent bag if your bag is no longer available).

Our warranty is only valid when the product is used for the purpose it was intended under normal conditions.

This warranty does not cover any damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse (such as tears, cuts and holes in the fabric) normal wear and tear or theft.

We never cover damage caused by third parties during transportation (such as airline travel or other carriers).

Incidental or consequential damages, such as damage to or loss of, the contents of a bag, loss of use of time or similar expenses are not recoverable under this warranty.

Important Legal Notice:

The Kipling Guarantees give you specific legal rights. They do not affect any statutory rights that you have as a purchaser of a defective product.

How does it all work in practice?

If your Kipling product is defective, please return it to the Kipling dealer you purchased from. (Please remember to bring a sales receipt or any other proof of purchase).

If this is not possible, please download the repair form (see top at of page). Fill out this form and send it together with proof of purchase and your faulty Kipling to the given address.

Please take note that the bag must be cleaned before it is sent to us. Unfortunately any bags which are sent to us in a soiled or dirty condition will not be processed any further and will be returned back to the original sender. Please note that the original sender is liable for any postage costs in this case.

Please note that it takes 3 weeks to have your bag repaired and sent back. (During peak season the processing may take a little longer).

What if the fault is not or no longer covered by the warranty?

Even if the damage is not (or no longer) covered by the warranty, you can still choose to have your product repaired by our high-quality repair service at very reasonable prices. Naturally, this is on the condition that we still stock the spare parts needed for the repair.

You will find a price list for repairs not covered by our warranty attached (see top of page).

If you have more questions or need help please contact us by email: kiplingwarranty_uk@vfc.com

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