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How did it start

How did it all start?

Our tale is one of great passion and creativity (plus the odd stroke of luck!) that goes back to the spring of '87. That was the year when three young designer pals in Antwerp stumbled upon a happy accident on a loom and discovered crinkled nylon fabric... and voila, the idea for Kipling was born. Having hit upon a winning formula they wasted no time in creating the affordable, sportly and functional bags and lifestyle essentials that have gone on to become wardrobe favourites for women in 65 countries across the world.

How did it start
Kipling - About Monkeys

What about the Monkeys?

With our name coming from an author famed for tales filled with imaginative animals - monkeys included - we wanted to make sure this playful spirit could always shine through. And so the Kipling Monkey was born! Now our iconic furry mascot is attached to almost everything we make, and each one of them is named after one of our amazing employees from around the world. These days we even offer boxed collectibles with fun themes such as the Royal Baby Monkey, Country Monkeys, and more.

Kipling collaborations

Since 2006, our spirit of playful adventure has led us to collaborate with some of the most exciting young designers around. These fashion-forward special collections have seen us work with fresh global talent including Cathy Pill (Belgium), El Delgado Buil (Spain), Gloria Coelho (Brazil), Girls from Omsk (Belgium), Helena Christensen (Denmark) and Peter Pilotto (UK). Who'll be next? Keep your eyes peeled!

Kipling - Collaborations

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