Following the popular, first-edition 2023 launch, this second collection is proudly playful and goes extra on the BarbieTM pink. We’re embracing Barbie’s nostalgic, every-woman appeal and making every day playful with a wide range of fun bags in an iconic candy colour, adorned with Barbie doll charms! It’s all about living life through pink-coloured glasses.

Kipling will be making a corporate donation to The BarbieTM Dream Gap Project.

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Barbie x Kipling

Three words: perfect pink pairing. Our Bina M and BarbieTM are a match made in heaven!

Splash into spring with our iconic Riri! Both legendary and fun, this collab is sure to inspire your next BarbieTM story!


You asked and we delivered! Our beloved monkey is back and he’s ready to play dress up. Proudly pink, two Barbie charms line up with our iconic furry monkey in the never-ending playtime that is our collab.

The BarbieTM Dream Gap Project

The BarbieTM Dream Gap Project is a global mission dedicated to closing the gap that comes between girls and their full potential by challenging gender stereotypes and helping undo the biases that often occur in the world around them.

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