What are the different types of gym bags?

Whether you’re trying a new HiiT class or restarting your running routine, you need a gym backpack that works for you (and your workout). How big is a gym bag, and how do I know which one is best? While you might be familiar with the standard holdall duffel bag for gym use, finding the right gym sack bag depends on what your day has in store.

Doing a few swim laps before work? Then you’ll want a waterproof gym bag that’s engineered to wick away moisture and easily store a spare swimming costume in a gym bag waterproof compartment. Plus, a gym bag with a toiletry compartment is key to tote dry shampoo, hairspray, and any other shower essentials.

If you’re working up a sweat outdoors, then a hands-free drawstring bag or mini sports backpack is for you. Heading straight to work afterwards? Then go with a gym bag that looks like a purse. Here at Kipling, we design all of our bags with an elevated aesthetic in mind, and a stylish tote bag blends seamlessly into any workplace.

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What are the different types of gym bags? | Kipling

What to carry in gym bag

Packing a gym bag right is a routine procedure for any workout enthusiast. You might keep a pre-packed gym bag ready to go, or prefer to have multiple options. But, what are the gym bag essentials? From wet wipes to a water bottle, let’s explore what to bring with you.

Wondering what to put in my gym bag? In terms of must-have gym bag accessories, deodorant and shower essentials top our list. Plus, a wide-tooth comb is a quick way to detangle your hair before you head out. If you’re in a hurry, a quick spritz of dry shampoo should do the trick.

If you’re headed straight to work, don’t forget to trade your gym clothes for workwear. When it comes to how to pack work clothes in a gym bag, you should store them flat in a separate compartment where they won't crease. Make sure to store your shoes (or, as we call them, trainers) in a separate foldable bag to keep everything clean. If you’re curious about how to organize your gym bag, we recommend storing your gym snacks on top.

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What to carry in gym bag | Kipling

How to clean a gym bag

Wondering how to wash a gym bag, or how to stop a gym bag from smelling? Wait, can you put a gym bag in the washing machine? Cleaning your gym bag regularly is key to keeping your workouts comfortable.

The best bags for sweaty gym clothes are water-resistant and easy to clean. Here at Kipling, all of our bags can easily be wiped clean with a wet cloth and hung to dry. Be sure to consider where to keep your gear when not in use. If you’re curious about where to store a gym bag at home, leave it in a cool, dry place free of used gym clothes or socks.

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How to clean a gym bag | Kipling

How to wear a gym bag

If you’re always on the move, chances are you barely have time to fit in a solid workout. Before you burn through your next cycling class, remember one thing: the secret to making a style statement with athleisure is to wear it well.

When it comes to how to wear a gym bag, you should pick a stylish gym bag that fits your style. For major throwback vibes, try a vintage style gym bag that radiates retro character. If you’re pounding the pavement before work, then pick a gym bag for women that’s compact enough to keep you comfortable while you run.

If you’re rushing to a morning meeting, there are plenty of fashionable gym bags for men and women that can double as briefcases. Plus, the secret to how to carry a gym bag on a bike is to pick a messenger style option that can rest on your lower back while you ride.

Wait, is a gym bag a carry-on? Before you board your flight, rest assured that most medium to large gym bags can comfortably fit in the overhead compartment.

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How to wear a gym bag | Kipling
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