We lighten our step on our planet

As more than a bag brand, we are responsible for continuing to Live.Light by being more sustainable


Our mission is to live light, not just as a bag brand, but as individuals too. We are aware of our responsibility, so we are taking action to take better decisions about our Earth.



Re.Imagine Design

We favor timeless designs and uncompromising quality.

“Design provides a unique, yet challenging opportunity to rethink the impact we want to have on our planet’s valuable resources. Quality, timeless design and utility are all things we need to factor in if we want to make a positive contribution. We know there is no easy answer, but we are committed to doing more.”

Denielle Wolfe, Global Vice President, Product and Design

Re.Think Materials

Our prints use 20% less water when printed on our new 38% recycled polyester fabric, a small step to being kinder to the environment.

From hot air balloon to backpack

Limited-edition backpack made out of retired hot air balloons

Hot air balloon | Kipking

Re.Purpose Energy

36% of Kipling products are produced in 100% solar energy run facilities.

Re.Connect to People and Planet

2/3 of Kipling's employees commute by bike, train, or electric scooter.

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