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What can I fit in a work bag?

Kipling’s work bags are available in different sizes, making them ideal for different scenarios, including commuting to and from the office or travelling further afield for business. Our work bags are versatile and durable, making them the most practical bags you can own. When travelling for work, a larger shoulder bag or crossbody tote bag is an ideal option. Our range of large, spacious totes have enough space for all the stationery you need for a day's work, and most come with dedicated laptop protection. When travelling for business, a larger tote bag is perfect for in-flight essentials. Travel totes have the comfort of a standard tote, but the practicality of traditional cabin luggage.Looking for a more practical day bag that you can take to work, on trips or just to the gym? Check out our range of backpacks. They’re smart enough for the office, but have enough space for your gym kit and offer practical storage for short business trips.

Why Kipling tote bags are ideal for work

Kipling totes are some of the most versatile bags for taking to work. Our medium and small totes are ideal for carrying your everyday essentials, while our large travel totes are big enough to hold everything you need for a short business trip. Most of our tote bags have dedicated compartments for your travel essentials, making them an ideal for keeping your work tech safe in a dedicated padded compartment, whether you’re just going on the daily commute, or travelling long haul for work. With short carry handles, long shoulder straps and trolley sleeves, Kipling travel totes are as practical as they are stylish. They are made from hard-wearing lightweight materials, helping you keep under luggage weight restrictions. Travel tote bags with zippers keep all your belongings secure, even when stowed in overhead compartments, and many of Kipling’s totes have several interior and exterior pockets to help you organise your bag.

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What to put in your work bag?

Choosing a new work bag might be fun, but it’s sometimes difficult to know what to put in it. You’ll obviously be carrying any essential paperwork, stationery and tech, but there are other fun and functional extras to consider.

  1. Pouches. The last thing you need is for your new work bag to get messy. By sorting things like pens, pencils and additional stationery into stylish pouches, you can keep everything organised.
  2. A gym bag. Any sports items or clothes can be kept separate in a gym bag, which may fit inside larger work bags.
  3. A lunch box or bag. Dedicated lunch bags are a good idea to keep food separate from your work essentials, and to contain any smells or possible spillages.
With three large compartments, padded laptop protection and water repellent finish, our Superworker is the ultimate lightweight work bag.
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How to wash your work bag?

If you take your work bag with you every day, you may wonder how to clean it. Follow these steps to keep your work bag in top condition.

  1.  Empty your bag and remove any crumbs or fluff from the inside of the bag
  2. Brush off any dried in stains with a soft bristle brush
  3. Spot clean the outside fabric with a slightly wet cloth and warm water
  4.  If there’s a deep stain, hand wash the fabric in cold water with a cloth or soft brush using water and neutral soap
  5. Let your bag air dry
Never use bleach or heavy-duty detergents when washing your bag. Don’t soak it in water. Never tumble dry your bag, as this could cause it to shrink. Don’t use any chemical cleaners, stain remover or hot water, as these can often damage the materials on your bag. All our bags will have their washing instructions, so make sure to check the washing instructions on the bag’s label before putting it in the washing machine.
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