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Weekend Bags

Fall in love with the Art M, the best cross functional bag you’ll ever own.

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4 Wheeled suitcases

Discover our suitcases with swivel wheels for easy manoeverability.

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Cabin Size

Here’s a selection of cabin-sized bags that are lightweight, wheeled, compact and practical.

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Personalisation Shop

Everyone is unique, with a personal style and story to tell. Tell your story by personalising your bag or accessory.

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Travel Accessories

Make it a round trip.

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Foldable shoppers

Pack some extra shopping bags. They’ll be handy later for your souvenirs.

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Toiletry Bags

Stock a stylish toiletry bag with girly essentials to take in your carry on luggage.

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You’ll find the Medellin wheeled case has an easy to reach tablet compartment at the front, an interior laptop sleeve and plenty of room leftover for clothes and essentials.

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