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Carry on bags

Our cabin luggage is built with the traveler in mind. Lightweight, flexible wheels, strong zippers, handy compartments and water resistant fabric, each bag will make the whole process of travelling a lot more enjoyable.
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4 Wheeled suitcases

In terms of the best of the best when it comes to suitcases, nothing gives you more mobility when travelling than 4 wheeled suitcases. Zip, turn and roll right along to your dream destination on wheels.
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Duffle Bags

These duffle bags will be suitable for day tripping, going on fun surprising weekends away or as added luggage to your extended vacation.
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Travel Accessories

Every girl deserves to arrive at her destination calm, cool and totally collected. These elegant accessories come in a myriad of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.
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With two roomy compartments and a lightweight design, the Teagan suitcase with 2 wheels will help you max out your luggage limit in style!
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Youri Spin

Kipling’s Youri Spin runs like a dream on a sturdy set of spinner wheels. Spacious with specialised compartments, the Youri has it all.
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The Cyrah suitcase has a retractable handle and four spinning wheels for effortless ease, making your trip away an absolute dream.
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Super Hybrid

The Super Hybrid is a stylish 4 wheel suitcasecase with 360 manoeuvrability.
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